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#1 App to help students improve mental strength,
emotional strength, improve awareness on own strengths,
Build positive relationships, improve focus and decision making.


Higher level of students' wellbeing means enhanced academic, social, emotional functioning. Higher engagement at school and related activities.

develop relations

Students say they lack motivation, concentration and procrastinate too much

develop relations

Students are worried that stress and anxiety is affecting performance and resulting in lower grades than expected

develop relations

Students suffer from loneliness

Social emotional skills prepare students for success at school and at future work.

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Administers and parents believe that social emotional learning is as important as academic learning

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Employers believe social emotional skills critical for students to build effective workforce

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Teachers say social emotional skills improve academic performance

Teachers experience as much stress and burnout as police officers and healthcare workers during COVID

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Of teachers feel there stress level have gone up in last 5 years

develop relations

Teachers report burnout

develop relations

Of staff report unhealthy coping strategies to deal with work related stress

3 easy steps to enhance student wellbeing and success

STEP 1: Self-assessments

Success starts with discovering your strengths, learning styles, interests, and performance drivers. Get a personalized report and daily workouts to enhance your overall wellbeing, success habits and social-emotional skills.


Find your Learning styles

Are you a verbal learner / auditory learner/ logical learner/ physical learner/ visual learner?
Apply your learning styles to study faster, learn deeper, apply better.


Career guidance & planning tests

Get personalised career guidance based on your innate strengths and interests to help choose your courses and careers in Future skills industry 4.0 and from 40+ high growth careers.

mental strength

Measure your well-being across 5 areas

  • Stress & coping
  • Study habits
  • Performance driving habits
  • Well-being: emotional, social and physical

Employability skills profiler

Get your profiler on 13 employability skills needed for 21st century with gap analysis and recommendations to improve.

STEP 2: My Wellbeing Coach

My coach presents 10 minutes of mental strength training practices to cope with stress, study smart, boost your confidence and develop general happiness.


Mindfulness meditation

Meditation training to be mindful, obtain emotional stability and improve sleep.


Guided Imagery

Visualization techniques to overcome fear and self-doubt and boost your confidence.

mental strength


Establish positive self-talk to obtain positive behavioral changes.


Personality development

Receive journaling prompts to recognize and develop your character strengths.

STEP 3: A happier and successful institution

Holistic wellbeing approach covering students, teachers as well as non-teaching staff

develop relations

Personal wellbeing app for the staff. Manage stress and anxiety better. Nurture self-love and stronger relationships. Achieve your true potential.

develop relations

Science based study habits analysis per student for a progressive student-parent-teacher discussions.

develop relations

Deep insights of class and student wise learning styles to help design teaching complex topics smarter, helping every student learning better.

develop relations

Detail analysis of student wise stressors that are hindering performance at academics and in exams. Personalized recommendations to over come these challenges, increase confidence and boost performance.

develop relations

Career guidance specialized for students interested in Engineering and Future skills domains to discover personal high growth careers, help choose streams, skilling courses to get job ready.

develop relations

Employability skills report, that every major employer looks for. Get your personal employability report to include in the resume, steps to get job ready. Report for the institution for grants, accreditations and placements.

Enhance your student’s well being, social-emotional skills and habits to achieve one’s true potential



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